"Meditation is a private retreat from the problems of the world"
- Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

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Join long-time meditators and teachers:

David Newcomb, Sangeeta Prasad,
Paola Neyra

An interactive course of study that will introduce you to Jyoti meditation, and begin to discover the peace and pleasure of knowing who you are!

To attend classes you must Register by Contacting
or Call: 202-810-9780

Recommended Book for Classes

Monday Night Meditation

The pursuit of happiness is so fundamental to human nature that in the Declaration of Independence it is termed an “inalienable right.” Yet, when it comes to teaching us how to achieve happiness, our parents and teachers have traditionally directed our attention out into the world, toward relationships, activities, and possessions. A fair question we may ask is have we become happier with the passage of time, and is our happiness lasting?

For those of us who are still searching for a way to find lasting happiness, or even the meaning of life, an answer comes from the tradition of Jyoti Meditation. Physical relationships and material things do not last, but, if we invert our attention back to the source of our own consciousness, we will experience bliss, and that bliss will be lasting.

Jyoti Meditation is the practice whereby we focus our attention at a point between and behind the two eyebrows, and maintain that focus without the distraction of thought. That focus, the source of our own consciousness, is traditionally termed “the seat of the soul.” When we meditate in this way, we will see inner light, and experience ourselves as being one with that light. Such an experience confers lasting happiness. We need not renounce the world, but we do need to add the value of spiritual meditation to enrich our lives.

Monday Night Meditation is available to the community at large in English, with translations available in Spanish and Hindi. All are welcome to register and attend.

Science of Spirituality Meditation Center 2950 Arizona Avenue NW
Washington DC 20016
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Introductory series:
Begins every 4 weeks (7:00 pm - 8:30 pm)
Write to DCInfo@sos.org or
Call 202-810-9780 for the next available date.

Intermediate series:
Students who complete the introductory classes and wish to continue may enroll in the intermediate classes, which cover twelve (12) weeks.

Advanced series:
Students who complete the intermediate classes and wish to continue may enroll in the advanced classes which cover thirty-six (36) weeks.

All classes are FREE, but registration is required.


We recommend students purchase Inner and Outer Peace Through Meditation by H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for use as a textbook.

This book can be purchased on-line Barnes & Noble or at the class, for a nominal charge of $15.00.

Science of Spirituality is an international, multi-faith organization dedicated to
Love, Unity, and Peace, under the direction of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.
Science of Spirituality Meditation Center
2950 Arizona Avenue, NW | Washington, DC 20016