"Meditation is a private retreat from the problems of the world"
- Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

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David C Newcomb

Maria Aponte Newcomb

Paola Neyra

After-Work Meditation

Come and learn a simple but very effective meditation technique that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Thursdays from 7:00 until 8:30 pm.

Jyoti meditation gives you a direct insight into the light of your own true nature, your soul. Regular practice improves every aspect of your life: your work, your play, your health, and your relationships.

  • We have experienced teachers who teach meditation as a public service.
  • Classes are FREE. A new introductory class is available every week.
  • No special equipment is needed. The dress code is business casual.
  • For those wishing to go beyond the introductory level, FREE on-going intermediate level classes are available, same day, same time. The intermediate classes will cover every aspect of meditation and spirituality, week-by-week.

Please reserve your place by writing DCInfo@sos.org, or by calling or texting David at (630) 597–5174.

Science of Spirituality Meditation Center
2950 Arizona Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20016
Ample free parking
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Recommended: We recommend students purchase Inner and Outer Peace Through Meditation by H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for use as a textbook.

This book can be purchased on-line Barnes & Noble or at the class, for a nominal charge of $15.00.

Recommended Book for Classes

Science of Spirituality is an international, multi-faith organization dedicated to
transforming lives through meditation, under the direction of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.
Science of Spirituality Meditation Center
2950 Arizona Avenue, NW | Washington, DC 20016