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Food for the Body, Food for the Soul

A Weekend Workshop!
Sawan Kirpal Meditation Center, Bowling Green, Virginia

November 2 - 4, 2012

A Weekend workshop to advance your cooking skills and
to expand your meditation practice as well
Learn about Vegetarian Diet

Whether you are an experienced or new vegetarian or not vegetarian at all, we invite you to join us at this weekend retreat. At the retreat we will learn new recipes and cooking skills to enhance our lives. We will explore the connection between Meditation and the Vegetarian lifestyle. We will explore the fine details around what we think is vegetarian but really isn't! We will also learn which foods calm the energy in the body and mind in order to enjoy a more peaceful life and a stiller, brighter meditation.

Join 3 experienced vegetarian cooks (who together have over 90 years of veggie cooking experience!) for a weekend of adventure in the kitchen!

There will be two baking sessions during the weekend teaching eggless baking skills for cookies, cakes and more!

And just as important to our nourishment: there will be woven throughout the weekend instructions on meditation techniques and ways to improve and enhance your meditation experience.

This event happens at the meditation center in Bowling Green, VA. the first weekend in November. Get your cooking skills honed up in time for the holiday season. AND your meditation skills brightened up as well! We always need more light!

In short - It's a weekend you won't want to miss!

Register early so we can be sure to have enough food for you to play with and so we can all play together in the light, love and langar! (Hindi word for free kitchen).


Sawan Kirpal Meditation Center
19384 Smoots Rd.
Bowling Green, VA 22427

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  • All are Welcome
  • RSVP requested to include your approximate time of arrival so that we can plan meals accordingly.
  • For reservations in Darshan Dormitory or in a Cabin, send a return email to:
  • For further retreat information, contact Katie Ivey: 804 633-1576, or
    Jule Millard: 540-207-1358.
  • For those driving, please bring your own sheets and pillow cases; blankets and pillows are provided.
  • The program and accommodations are free as well as all deliciously prepared vegetarian meals as scheduled.
  • This program is sponsored by the Science of Spirituality under the guidance of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.
Science of Spirituality is an international, multi-faith organization dedicated to
Love, Unity, and Peace, under the direction of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.

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